Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wow, I bet his career is over...


So, once again, nothing happened. Isn't government corruption grand? We no longer have ethics in government. Absolutely amazing.

Sadly, I think that government corruption goes much deeper than this -- this is merely one example of a man who was not smart enough to not be caught.

I've met some pretty interesting and powerful people since coming to BYU, and the most poignant thing that has stood out is that these powerful men are just in fact men -- and that most of these men are relatively good intentioned. In meeting the co-founder of the neo-Liberalism theory, Dean of Governmental Studies at Harvard, and the Vice Chairman of the Trilateral Commission Joseph Nye Jr., I expected to see a man of cunning, avarice, greed, and a show of drunken dictatorialism. This was anything but what I saw. I saw a good nature fellow who was quite courteous, soft-spoken, and a mere medium through which a lifetime of ideas had been acquired and implemented through various social systems. There stood before me a man who not only perpetuated - but developed - the very theories that I stand against... And I saw that he was just a good-natured man that I disagreed with. Bad government may be influenced by Satan himself, but I have found that the men who do his greatest bidding do so under the best of intentions.

Ideas are where the battle is fought. The pre-mortal council was a battle of ideas. We have been told that the pre-mortal "war" is raging more furiously today than it ever has before, so we just assume that the war over "ideas" is just as strong and important as it has ever been as well.

This story, while I laugh at the situation, is a mere facade to what's truly going on under the surface and is very sad. The media will report this as proof that they catch REAL corruption. Men like the Illinois Gov. are ignorant -- no matter what side of the political fence you sit. The corruption indexes that the international community follow are a facade as well; they really only measure the stupidity of the leaders and the people.

This being said, how interesting would it be to create a REAL "Freedom Index" that members of the Church could use to find the spiritual, political, economic, and total corruption under which their governments operate?

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