Monday, November 24, 2008

It's hard to stay motivated in today's cruel world...

So what's going on in the world today? Everyone appears to be saying something different about politics, economics, and the financial world in general. I adhere to Peter Schiff's economic philosophy and the Austrian School of Economics, because it works -- and I like things that work.

So, who is right?

I've never quite felt like the media is so clueless -- if not completely yellow. Today the Fed committed over $7trillion to the economic crisis! How can that be?! That's over $24,500 of debt per man, women, and child! How is the Fed getting away with this without all of America knowing exactly what's going on? How is there not a revolution in the streets? Does the American taxpayer even know what is going on? This is some type of achievement -- for the government to plunge the people into so much debt without their knowledge!

All day long I check the political and financial news and hear the different financial consultants saying different things. Wall Street is bouncing up and down and while half the financial advisers are saying "buy! buy!" -- the other half are saying "buy gold! buy gold!". So, where's the money? Who's the one making it? Apparently it's not the American people, right? The Fed did just put every man, women, and child in debt to the tune of of approx. $24,500 each. WHERE'S THE PRODUCTION OF GOODS?! Oh, yeah -- it went overseas!

I guess there's nothing really more that the Fed can do than by doubling up on its efforts (money) to save the American "Democracy"?

So, who are the players involved? There really are too many to name -- but no two men stand out quite so recognizable as do Ben Bernanke (Chairman of the Fed) and Henry Paulson (Treasury Secretary). You can see them in these two meetings before Congress.

I've looked at these guys over, and over, and over again as they attended these meetings before Congress... and... then... suddenly it occurred to me...

These guys really aren't all that smart! It's just going to take time for the rest of us to find out...

We need real leaders in America, not the sophist-propaganda of "change" that we've heard ad nauseam. However, until the America people start realizing that our leaders are taking us down a road of perpetual debt slavery, things will never change -- perhaps until it's too late.

Heaven help us all!

After it's all said and done -- the corporations won't be the ones to lose out, it will be the American people. Our artificially mandated financial system will keep arbitrarily postponing recession after recession until the whole house of cards comes crashing down... We the People are left the losers of this big financial game.

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